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Propane Regulators, Brass Fittings,

Propane Hoses, and Accessories

Custom Hoses and Fittings

We Build Custom Hoses for Propane and Natural Gas.

Fix your campstoves, RVs, barbeques, hunting wall tents, wall heaters, stoves, fireplaces... with these hard to find brass fittings. People often tell us that they should've come here first.

Various Propane Regulators

Propane Regulators

We can solve your problem.

We carry regulators for almost every situation!

• Food Carts
• On-demand water heaters
• Barbeques and Cookers
• High and low pressure
• RVs and Travel Trailers
• Auto-switch
• Generators
• Forges
• Residential and more...

Brass Fittings

Propane Brass Fittings

We Have Quality Brass

That's Often Hard to Find.

• Flared propane fittings
• Elbow fittings
• Coupler fittings
• Extend-A-Stay Tees
• Custom-made Tees

Various Propane Hoses

Propane Hoses

Hoses for Every Application.

• Natural gas or propane
• Trailer and RV Pigtails
• POL and QCC Pigtails
• Tank to appliance
• Natural gas quick-disconnect
• We carry Torjik quick disconnect
• We can custom-make regular and disconnect hoses
• Save yourself a headache and come here first.