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Propane Tanks Refills and Recertifications

We Recertify OPD Propane Tanks.

We Sell 1 to 23-gallon Cylinders
We can special order 420s.

• We do tank repair and revalve.

• Drop your old tank off here, and we'll recycle it.

• We repair forklift/Hyster tanks.

• Refill your propane tanks for only $1.89 a gallon!

Recertification Date

We do Tank Recertifications

For 4-pound to 40-pound OPD Tanks

Why do you need to have your tank recertified?

In Oregon and Washington, "new" tanks require recertification after 12 years. After that, they require recertification every five years.

Each cylinder has a month and year stamp on the flange (the big ring around the top - see picture). If your tank passes pressure and visual inspection, you'll receive an I.D. tag that's valid for five years.

Worthington Tanks

Recertification Steps:

• To recertify, we charge $10.00 per tank for 4-pound to 40-pounders.
This service takes five to 10-minutes. If we're too busy, we'll have you leave your tank. We store them in a locked tank cage.

If your tank doesn't pass, we waive the $10 charge.

If your cylinder doesn't pass, there are several options, depending on the tank. For 20-pound cylinders, it usually doesn't make sense to repair them.
Revalving or replacing are your options. Hometown can do both. If you choose not to repair or revalve your tank, we can recycle it for you for free. There's a lot to recertification, we are trying to keep this explanation as simple as possible.

Learn more ... Oregon.gov article PDF on OPD Propane Tanks.